We can add geography to the list of things that the Buffalo Bills don’t appear to be very good at. The Bills are in Minneapolis to play the Vikings Sunday, and they posted one of their typical sponsored road trip GIFs. The only problem? It had them landing in Wisconsin, not Minnesota. So, apparently geography lessons are another thing not to do in Buffalo. The Bills have since deleted the tweet (after over half an hour), but here’s a screenshot of it:

The Bills' erroneous tweet.

As Maxwell Smart would say:

Missed it by that much.

Maybe they should have just left it up, admitted the mistake, laughed about it, and given Rachel’s Mediterranean (the Official Mediterranean Restaurant of the Buffalo Bills!) some extra exposure. Apparently, this isn’t the first time they’ve missed with these graphics, though. As Twitter user @jeffreybigmoney noted, a previous one had them way over towards (or maybe even in) Arizona instead of Los Angeles:

Even with the tweet deletion, the Bills still got dunked on pretty hard. And some of those tweets were pretty funny:

(Vikings’ kicker Carlson got cut this week after going 0-for-3 against the Packers in a 29-29 tie last week.)

(Nice Vontae Davis reference, Alex.)


Indeed they are. After all, winding up in Wisconsin instead of Minnesota is rather…wide right.


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  1. I bet the Vikings wish they had landed in Milwaukee instead of Minneapolis because then they would have been beat 27-6 Just saying

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