The NFL at times can be the pinnacle of sport, with world-class athletes putting their skills on display in service of intricate planning requiring precision timing and plenty of teamwork.

The NFL also often produces moments of complete ineptitude that is just as entertaining, because when some of that timing and talent and teamwork goes wrong, the results can be spectacular.

Today we’re focusing on the latter, because Blake Bortles and Ryan Tannehill gave us some fantastic interceptions.  Let’s start with Bortles, who actually had a couple such moments against the Chiefs today.

There was this pick-six, which included 6-6, 310-lb defensive tackle Chris Jones juking Bortles en route to the end zone:

But the high/lowlight was Bortles in the red zone, throwing it, well, not where you want to throw it:

He just fired it right into the helmet! How does that happen?

While that play is probably going to be the most memorable mishap from today, Ryan Tannehill had his own effort at the crown:

That’s a very Madden 19-glitch interception. On any other day, it would have stood out as the funniest. But Blake Bortles put on a show in Kansas City, and he’s a deserving champion for this week.

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