The New York Jets haven’t had an easy go of things in recent years, but a solid NFL Draft and offseason have a lot of critics saying that the franchise is moving in the right direction, potentially looking at a solid season ahead.

Former Notre Dame quarterback Brady Quinn is not among them.

The CBS Sports football analyst said Tuesday that he doesn’t see the offseason wins translating into regular-season wins for the Jets, thanks in part to a brutal schedule.

“I’ve got the Jets going under this number at five wins,” Quinn said. “Their season is going to be over before they get to the bye. That’s just the reality of it. Their bye comes at November 13, and they’ve got to play the entire AFC North to start the season. They might go 0-4, and then you’ve got that winnable game vs. the Dolphins. … They’re going to feel pretty desperate, pretty beat up after an 0-4 start. Then the Packers, a trip out to the Denver Broncos with Russell Wilson. The Patriots, the Bills — I mean there’s a realistic scenario where they’re 1-8 here, maybe 0-9.”

While there’s a lot of hope around second-year quarterback (and very “beefy“) Zach Wilson and his ability to grow in Year 2, Quinn remains suspect of his ability to improve enough.

“I mean, as good as the roster has improved, I just haven’t been a believer in Zach Wilson. I think this is an unbelievably difficult schedule that lightens up in the second half, but they could be decimated by that point. So, I’ve got them winning five games and probably going back to the drawing board at the quarterback position in the 2023 draft.”

You better believe that Jets fans are bookmarking this take on the chance that Wilson does show improvement and the team finds itself in the playoff picture.

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