The Philadelphia Eagles are heading to the Super Bowl after defeating the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship game thanks to a dominant defensive performance that surrendered just seven points to the Niners’ offense. But even despite the stellar showing from the Eagles’ defense, San Francisco wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk doesn’t sound impressed.

This week, Brandon Aiyuk made some pretty shocking comments about the Eagles defense that shut down the San Francisco offense, revealing that he believes the Eagles got “extremely lucky” in last weeks game and that he thinks the Kansas City Chiefs passing at tack will “expose” them this week.

“I don’t know fully about that defense. They talk about them being a good defense — I’m not sure. I think this Kansas City pass game will expose what we thought we were going to expose before some unfortunate circumstances. They got extremely lucky,” Aiyuk said, according to Grant Cohn of Fan Nation.

The “unfortunate circumstances” Aiyuk is referring to is likely the injury to starting quarterback Brock Purdy, who left the game after suffering an injury during the first half. We’ll never know just how the San Francisco offense would have performed the rest of the game with Purdy still out there, but we do know that the Eagles shut down the Niners without him.

[Grant Cohn]