The Cleveland Browns are, well, the Cleveland Browns. Today, though, they were the best possible version of the Cleveland Browns, as they took the Falcons to the woodshed.

The Browns ended up winning 28-16, and it really wasn’t all that close. Cleveland was aided by the longest play from scrimmage this season, an electric 92-yard run from Nick Chubb:

The game was obviously not a fun one for Atlanta fans, who have had perhaps the worst possible three-year run imaginable for a team that went to the Super Bowl and the NFC Championship game in the last two years.

The Browns fired Hue Jackson a couple of weeks ago, and while Gregg Williams is no one’s idea of a long-term solution in Cleveland, it’s not hard to see the bright spots. Mainly: Baker Mayfield could end up being very, very good.

Today, Mayfield was almost perfect, going 17-20 for 210 yards and three touchdowns, taking zero sacks.

This was Cleveland’s third victory, meaning they’ve now equaled their win total from October 11th, 2015 through the start of this season. And hey, with the Ravens, Steelers, and Bengals clinging to what might be the end of long runs as contenders, maybe Cleveland is finally coming out of their prolonged irrelevance at the right time.

Or maybe not, who knows, they are still the Browns.

But still, today, they were pretty good! And that’s more than we’ve been able to say about the Browns in a long time.

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