The 2017 NFL regular season is about to conclude. The Philadelphia Eagles have clinched home-field advantage throughout the playoffs, the New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers have clinched first-round byes and six other teams have clinched playoff spots.

With that in mind, let’s break down the NFL playoff picture entering Week 17.

AFC right now
1. Patriots (12-3)
2. Steelers (12-3)
3. Jaguars (10-5)
4. Chiefs (9-6)
5. Ravens (9-6)
6. Titans (8-7)
7. Chargers (8-7)
8. Bills (8-7)

New England merely needs to beat the Jets Sunday to wrap up home-field, but a loss there and a Steelers victory over the Browns would cause them to trade spots. The Jaguars and Chiefs are locked in, but the Ravens, Titans, Chargers and Bills are fighting for the two wild-card spots.

AFC projection
1. Patriots (13-3)
2. Steelers (13-3)
3. Jaguars (10-6)
4. Chiefs (10-6)
5. Ravens (10-6)
6. Titans (9-7)
7. Chargers (9-7)
8. Bills (9-7)

Nothing changes, because I think everybody wins this week except the Jaguars, who lose to a Titans team that needs it more. If that game goes the other way, Los Angeles gets in with a victory over the Raiders. Either way, I don’t think a Bills victory over the Dolphins will be enough for Buffalo to bust out of that slump.

NFC right now
1. Eagles (13-2)
2. Vikings (12-3)
3. Rams (11-4)
4. Saints (11-4)
5. Panthers (11-4)
6. Falcons (9-6)
7. Seahawks (9-6)

Philadelphia is locked in, Minnesota merely needs to beat the Bears Sunday to secure the other first-round bye, the Rams are set as a No. 3 or No. 4 seed and New Orleans merely needs to beat the Bucs to land the other one of those spots (with a chance to move into the No. 2 spot if Minnesota loses to Chicago.

Carolina is the No. 5 seed unless it beats Atlanta and New Orleans loses to Tampa Bay, in which case it’ll win the NFC South. The Falcons control their own destiny against the Panthers, but a loss combined with a Seattle victory over the Cardinals would cause the defending NFC champions to miss the playoffs.

NFC projection
1. Eagles (13-3)
2. Vikings (13-3)
3. Saints (12-4)
4. Rams (11-5)
5. Panthers (12-4)
6. Seahawks (10-6)
7. Falcons (9-7)

The Saints will be more motivated than the Rams, since the NFC South remains on the line. I think Los Angeles falls to a red-hot 49ers team and New Orleans leapfrogs it with a victory over the Bucs. Still don’t trust the Falcons, even at home, with the pressure on against Carolina. Seattle beats the Cards at home and leapfrogs Atlanta for that No. 6 seed.

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