Brett Favre Brett Favre has said he didn t know the money he received came from welfare funds. Xxx Sline Brett Favre 081020 Dcb Jpg

The latest chapter in the ongoing saga of Brett Favre’s connection to the Mississippi welfare scandal involves his link to a self-styled “concussion cream.”

“The little-known cream has the attention of state and federal investigators,” sources told Front Office Sports.

Prevacus, the company behind the “inhalable concussion treatment,” received roughly $2.2 million in federal welfare funds. It’s illegal for pharmaceutical companies to take that money according to Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) rules.

Favre pitched the cream in a Fox News interview during the Super Bowl in 2020:

“Prevacus is a company that is going to treat concussions, but we also have a pre-game cream, PreVPro, which is available now,” Favre said. “You apply it on the neck. It’s a cream. A concussion is inflammation of the brain, which is bad. It adds some relief for six hours. It’s pretty neat.”

Thousands of dollars in TANF funds “were diverted from Prevacus’ original concussion treatment to develop the PreVPro cream,” according to Front Office Sports.

This is the latest in a string of bad headlines for the Hall of Fame quarterback. His shady text messages link him to the theft of millions of dollars meant for Mississippi’s poorest residents to finance a volleyball arena and a football facility at Southern Miss. University, his alma mater.

Compression sleeve company Copper Fit severed their nearly nine-year relationship with Favre last Friday, becoming the latest sponsor to drop the former quarterback.

Favre has yet to be charged with anything related to the ongoing scandal. He has proclaimed his innocence on social media.

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