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Former NFL quarterback Brett Favre was one of the most accredited quarterbacks of all time during his playing career, making the Pro Bowl 11 times during his 20 years in the NFL.

It has been quite some time since Favre has been in the limelight of the NFL world, but it appears that he may be interested in returning to the NFL world in a media role if the money is right. This week saw him discuss the possibility of working as a broadcaster for a major network in the future, and say he “would consider” it if he gets a great deal.

Favre wouldn’t on the surface be a great fit in the broadcast booth, and he admitted just as much to TMZ.

“I guess my country accent cuts me out with that aw-shucks mentality,” Favre admitted. “I’m good, I have made great money and I’m very thankful. If someone offered me a job to do Monday night or Thursday Night Football and if it was a great deal, I would consider it. But it is not on my bucket list of things to do.”

It has been over a decade since Favre’s retirement from the NFL, and his time as a potential NFL broadcaster may have passed, but it at least seems like a possibility if he were to get a good offer from a major network.

Many NFL fans aren’t exactly eager to see him in a broadcasting role in the future.

Favre reportedly received an audition for a lead analyst role with ESPN on Monday Night Football in 2018, which seemingly didn’t go too well.

It is hard to imagine a fit on any major networks as of right now, but Favre is at least leaving that avenue open moving forward.


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