Brett Favre Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre holds high over his head the NFC Championship trophy after the Packers’ 23-10 win over the San Francisco 49ers at San Francisco’s 3Com Park, Sunday, Jan. 11, 1998. Brett Favre With Nfc Championship Trophy

While NFL legend Brett Favre has been embroiled in a scandal over his involvement in a massive public embezzlement scheme in which he allegedly conspired to steal millions of dollars of Mississippi welfare money to build a volleyball arena for his alma mater, longtime sponsorship partner Copper Fit stood by him while other companies jumped ship. However, it now looks like they’re putting some distance between themselves and the former quarterback.

While Favre has denied that he knew where the near-$8 million he received was coming from, a string of shady text messages seems to prove Favre was intentionally involved in the scam. Because of that, many of his sponsorship partners and media partners distanced themselves from him, including ESPN Milwaukee, SiriusXM, The 33rd Team, Odyssey Health, and Hallow.

However, compression sleeve company Copper Fit, whom Favre was a brand ambassador for since 2014, not only stuck with Favre following the allegations but released a statement backing him and his innocence of the allegations.

“Copper Fit has worked with Brett Favre for nearly nine years,” Copper Fit said. “He has always acted honorably, and we know him to be a very decent man. To our knowledge, he was cleared of any wrongdoing two years ago. We are confident that will be the case in the civil suit.”

Some of the worst allegations and proof of those allegations have come forward since that statement and it appears the Copper Fit has finally taken the hint. As Front Office Sports pointed out, a month after their statement, Copper Fit removed Favre from their website. He is no longer included on their “Brand Champion” page and an image of him with Hall of Fame receiver Jerry Rice and actress Gwyneth Paltrow has been removed as well. Favre’s page on the Copper Fit site is also gone.

You can still find Favre on the company’s social media accounts and his image still adorns the top of their YouTube page.

A Copper Fit spokesperson declined to comment when Front Office Sports reached out to confirm Favre’s status and relationship with the company, but clearly, they’re seeing the writing on the wall.


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