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NFL legend and Mississippi native Brett Favre is engulfed in a national scandal involving his theft of millions of dollars from his state’s poorest residents to finance a new collegiate volleyball arena for his daughter.

On Tuesday, Favre‘s biographer, venerable sports reporter Jeff Pearlman, tweeted an extensive missive against Favre in which he said the quarterback was “a bad guy” who “doesn’t deserve the icon treatment.”

Pearlman’s thread culminated with him advising people not to buy Favre’s 2016 biography, Gunslinger, and burning the legendary quarterback’s iconic Green Bay Packers jersey in a trashcan.

Needless to say, that kicked off a round of reactions from people involved with the NFL:

For at least one Twitter user, the directive to not purchase Gunslinger arrived too late:

While Pearlman received mostly accolades for burning the jersey and advising people not to purchase his work, some users questioned why Pearlman kept associating with Favre after the quarterback sent sexually charged images to a female reporter while a member of the New York Jets.

Still, despite the differing opinions, it’s clear that Favre’s image may be beyond repair despite being an NFL champion with 18 years in the league with four different franchises. Favre last played in the NFL for the Minnesota Vikings in 2010.