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Brett Favre is once again in the news and for all the wrong reasons, once again.

Favre filed a defamation lawsuit against sports media personalities Pat McAfee and Shannon Sharpe on Thursday. The disgraced former quarterback also filed a lawsuit against Mississippi state auditor Shad White, claiming he made appearances to “further his political career.”

The Mississippi state auditor’s office responded to Favre’s lawsuit already. Freeman Fletcher told Awful Announcing:

 ”Everything Auditor White has said about this case is true and is backed by years of audit work by the professionals at the Office of the State Auditor. It’s mind-boggling that Mr. Favre wants to have a trial about that question. Mr. Favre has called Auditor White and his team liars despite repaying some of the money our office demanded from him. He’s also claimed the auditors are liars despite clear documentary evidence showing he benefitted from misspent funds. Instead of paying New York litigators to try this case, he’d be better off fully repaying the amount of welfare funds he owes the state.”

Favre engulfed himself in scandal when, in 2020, he was found to be connected to the largest state welfare case in the history of Mississippi.

While it’s true that Favre has yet to be charged with a crime, his connections with the welfare case run incredibly deep. A civil lawsuit named Favre in it and demanded that money be paid back. Despite the murkiness of the situation, Favre has remained steadfast in denying wrongdoing. He’s blasted the media before and now is going after the media.

Favre isn’t the only athlete, former or otherwise, to sue either media personalities or companies. Golfer Patrick Reed sued The Golf Channel among a host of others over defamation as well. He also decided to threaten to sue Bob Costas and Jake Tepper of CNN.

If Favre is hoping to mimic that, we suggest he doesn’t look up how that ended for Reed. That is to say, not that well. A judge dismissed that lawsuit in November.

As you can expect, the sports world reacted to the new legal move by Brett Favre. Not surprisingly, it wasn’t received well.

Especially since one of the targets responded himself!

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