NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre is accused of conspiring to steal millions of dollars meant for Mississippi’s poorest students and directing the funds to finance a collegiate volleyball stadium for his daughter.

It’s an insane sentence, but Favre’s shady text messages suggest that the quarterback was deeply involved in the criminal conspiracy. His biographer, Jeff Pearlman, burned Favre’s jersey and told people not to purchase Gunslinger, which he said assisted in creating the cult of personality surrounding Favre.

The former Green Bay Packers, New York Jets, and Minnesota Vikings quarterback suffered another major setback Monday.

The former head of Mississippi’s welfare agency entered a plea agreement with federal and state prosecutors, which reporter A.J. Perez called “a huge turn in a scandal that could spell major trouble for Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre.”

The NFL world reacted quickly to the news:

“You can physically feel how badly most of the sports media doesn’t want to cover this story. But soon they may not have a choice. It’s a crime – in terms of doing the most actual harm to the largest number of vulnerable people – damn near unparalleled in sports history,” said Dave Zirin.

“Brett Favre should be thrown under the prison for what he did,” Herb Lawrence said.

“Yet nobody in mainstream media is COVERING this at length,” said Taylor Twellman. “Gross.”

“A Hall of Fame quarterback might be going to jail,” said Josh Helmuth.

“Ime Udoka getting an all-time bailout,” said Jesse Specter, referencing the Boston Celtics coach currently facing a lengthy suspension for an inappropriate and consensual sexual relationship with a female staffer.

“Snitches get riches,” noted Masta Ace with a winking emoji.

Only time will tell if this is the revelation that will send Favre to prison.

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