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Brett Favre has a passion for funding volleyball facilities.

The question of how he provided those funds has become a matter of great public interest and an issue for law enforcement.

Somehow, his situation keeps getting worse. The Daily Beast reported Wednesday that the Hall of Fame quarterback used $60,000 from his non-profit foundation for “disadvantaged” youths to help build a volleyball facility at his daughter’s high school.

According to the report, Favre’s foundation, Favre4Hope, sent the money in 2015 to the booster club for Oak Grove High School, where his daughter, Breleigh, was a sophomore volleyball player. That money went toward the construction of a $1.4 million facility.

It gets worse — a couple of years later, the contractor who built the facility sued the booster club claiming it was still owed $328,000. The firm’s owner, Mike Rozier, said in an affidavit that “the Warrior Club held itself out to be and acted like the owner of the volleyball facility. The Warrior Club’s representatives were Brett and Deanna Favre.”

Favre has been in the news the past couple of years for his alleged involvement in a scheme to redirect $5 million in Mississippi welfare funds to help pay for a volleyball center at his alma mater, Southern Mississippi, where his daughter played. His involvement is part of a state and federal investigation seeking to determine how non-profit leaders in Mississippi misspent $77 million in funds intended for disadvantaged residents.

The scandal has been called “the largest embezzlement scheme in state history.”

While Favre has not been charged with any crime, he has been questioned by the FBI in the matter, and he and others involved in the scheme face a civil suit from the state’s Department of Human Services (DHS) in an attempt to recover the funds. As Favre’s issues continue to mount, his SiriusXM show has been put on hold and he’s not made appearances on ESPN Milwaukee.

And so the scope of Favre’s questionable financial moves continues to grow. Earlier this week, the AP reported that he had tried to get Mississippi state welfare funds to build a football practice facility at Southern Miss.

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