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Brett Favre competed in a triathlon last weekend, and though the former quarterback posted a pretty impressive time, he finished only second in his own household.

Competing under the name Brett Lorenzo, Favre finished the Key West Triathlon in 1:35:12.74, third in the “Clydesdales 220 and 40+” category, according to the Washington Post. His wife Deanna? Third overall among females 40-49 with a time of 1:26:35.71. Deanna beat Brett by nine minutes, placing 97th overall in the 421-person race to Brett’s 184th.

Credit for Brett, the three-time NFL MVP didn’t have any trouble accepting his wife’s athletic supremacy.

Favre finished his career with 71,838 yards and 508 touchdowns, both NFL records when he retired. He also reached 11 Pro Bowls and was MVP of Super Bowl XXXI, all of which begs the question: What could Deanna have done in the NFL?

Favre does appear to be in pretty good shape, and if he can finish a triathlon surely he can still play in the NFL… nahhhh.

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