Tennessee Titans running back Derrick Henry (22) celebrates his 76-yard touch down against the Bills at Nissan Stadium Monday, Oct. 18, 2021 in Nashville, Tenn. Titans Bills 098

Derrick Henry has generated plenty of comparisons over the years. Thanks to his enormous frame, stunning power, and ability to turn defenders into pancakes, people have thrown around lots of names to say who Henry reminds them of.

After running for over 2,000 yards last season, Henry is back and putting up monster numbers once more. He already has 783 yards in 6 games and is coming off a touchdown run in which he was clocked going 21.8 MPH!

Brett Favre played around some of the top NFL talents of the 90s and 00s and he certainly has his own opinion on who Henry reminds him of. While appearing on SiriusXM NFL Radio earlier this week, the Hall of Fame quarterback brought up the name of a Hall of Fame receiver to compare to the Titans running back.

“I watch Derrick, and he reminds me so much – and this is kind of an odd comparison – but he reminds me a lot of Randy Moss, and how he controlled the game,” Favre said. “The only person that would stop Randy Moss would be Randy Moss. We double-covered him, we triple-covered him, and yet he still made the plays. You put nine guys in the box [vs. the Titans], and it doesn’t matter.”

A big comparison to me is they both look like they’re barely running, but they are pulling away from people. I am like, ‘Why doesn’t Derrick show a little pizzazz? And then he runs for 76 yards, and no one can catch him. I am like, ‘My goodness, this guy is incredible.’ When you know someone is going to get the ball, either passing or running, and you can’t stop him, that is when you know you’re pretty good.”

Favre is right that it often doesn’t seem like Henry is giving maximum effort but that’s an illusion. It’s as if he’s playing on a different level than a lot of other guys.

We’ll see what kind of numbers Henry can put up this weekend when the Titans take on the struggling Kansas City Chiefs.


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