Brett Favre

NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre is currently dealing with a massive scandal around his involvement in a scheme to divert millions of dollars in Mississippi welfare money to various athletic projects at Southern Mississippi University, his alma mater where his daughter also attended.

Various text messages from multiple parties link Favre as a central figure in the alleged scheme.

However, Favre denies all wrongdoing despite being the subject of a civil lawsuit from the Mississippi Department of Public Health. Favre also filed defamation suits against TV personalities Pat McAfee and Shannon Sharpe for their respective commentary on the scandal and the fallout.

Favre, however, recently dismissed the suit against McAfee. Sharpe apparently won’t be so lucky according to new documents obtained by Pro Football Talk.

“The problem that I have with this situation, you’ve got to be a sorry [person] to steal from the lowest of the low,” Sharpe said according to Favre’s lawsuit. He also said, “Brett Favre is taking from the underserved [in Mississippi],” and “[Favre] stole money from people that really needed that money.”

In the documents obtained by PFT, “Favre points out that he committed no crime and has never been accused of committing a crime,” Mike Florio notes.

The NFL world was quick to react to the latest news in the sordid saga:

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