Brett Favre Brett Favre has said he didn t know the money he received came from welfare funds. Xxx Sline Brett Favre 081020 Dcb Jpg

Former NFL star Brett Favre has attempted to have the civil charges against him dropped in the Mississippi welfare scandal. But not only have courts rejected Favre’s pleas, but the Mississippi Department of Human Services is now accusing him of failing to produce text messages relevant to the case.

According to a report from Front Office Sports, Brett Favre has been accused of failing to comply with discovery requests aimed at obtaining text messages as part of discovery in the civil case filed over millions of misappropriated welfare funds.

The agency claims that Favre “has failed to answer any of this discovery,” according to Front Office Sports.

“Despite being identified as the sender or recipient on the face of these text messages, Favre objected and claimed he could not verify many of these text messages’ authenticity,” MDHS lawyers wrote in the filing, according to Front Office Sports.

Since the lawsuit was originally filed back in May of 2022, the MDHS claims to have received approximately 330,000 documents from more than 40 defendants in the case. But so far, Favre has produced only 24 pages of documents, and none of those documents included text messages, even though those documents were specifically requested.

“His production contained no text messages, though MDHS specifically requested text messages with other defendants,” the agency’s legal team wrote, according to Front Office Sports.

It seems that Favre’s legal trouble battles won’t be ending any time soon.

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