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Brett Favre is an NFL legend and a Hall of Fame quarterback. But his reputation has taken hits for quite a few things that have happened off the field.

He can add a new hit to that list with the report that Favre has been told to return $828,000 that he received from welfare funds that should have gone to needy families, according to Mississippi State Auditor Shad White.

The funds in question are related to money that Favre received for speaking engagements that he never attended for Families First For Mississippi, one of two non-profits who have been indicted on state and federal charges related to a giant embezzlement scheme.

When this was first reported in May 2020, it was announced that Favre had returned a portion of the money given to him and that he would return the rest. However, White said that he had “seen no records indicating Mr. Favre knew that (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) was the program that served as the source of the money he was paid.”

According to the announcement, Favre has to repay the money within 30 days or he will face a civil lawsuit.

As you might imagine, there were plenty of reactions to the news on social media, especially related to Favre’s politics and what that moment should have been meant for.

Now we wait to see if Favre complies and returns all the money owed. If not, he could be setting himself up for a very bad legal situation and even worse PR situation.

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