New York Giants

It’s safe to say that New York Giants head coach Brian Daboll has plenty of playoff experience as he was part of five Super Bowl championships as an assistant with the New England Patriots. But he doesn’t think playoff experience is a big deal.

During his press conference ahead of the New York Giants’ playoff matchup with the Minnesota Vikings, head coach Brian Daboll called playoff experience “overrated.”

“I think really what you make out of it is the experience is probably overrated to be honest with you,” Daboll said according to Pro Football Talk. “It’s how you prepare, how you practice and ultimately how you play the game and coach the game on whatever day it is. I’ve been around a lot of different teams that have had varying levels of experience — some a lot, some a little, some not much. I know someone mentioned Malcolm Butler. I think really what matters is taking advantage of your opportunities when they come and playing a good football game and coaching a good football game. So, I don’t know if that answers your question. But I really think it’s an overrated thing.”

Either way, the Giants will still need to be at their best when they take on the Vikings on Sunday afternoon.

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