Brian Robinson could play just five weeks after getting shot

"I expect to dominate as soon as I come back on the field."
Brian Robinson

Just five weeks after he was shot twice in the leg during a robbery and carjacking, Washington Commanders rookie running back Brian Robinson out of Alabama is back on the practice field and has not been ruled out for Sunday’s game against the Tennessee Titans.

In an interview with ESPN, Robinson said “it was a beautiful day for me,” when he returned to the practice field this week, even though all he did was participate in some drills, hit some practice dummies, and partake on the scout team.

Still, there’s a chance that Robinson returns to the team’s lineup this week. Head coach Ron Rivera said the team will monitor his condition and that he’s “got a little bit ways to go,” but that he’s “looked solid” so far.

“It was good to have him out there, and he looked solid,” Rivera said. “He’s got a little bit ways to go. Conditioning will be a question, that’s for sure. But his retention, his recall looked pretty good. We did some of the things that he does well. He was out there doing them. It was all promising.”

Once he does get back on the field, Robinson doesn’t expect the injury to slow him down. He made it very clear that he still has high hopes for himself.

“My mindset’s not going to change. I expect to dominate as soon as I come back on the field,” he said. “I don’t really want to get too much into what’s in the past. I just plan on moving forward and looking for what’s ahead of us and try to help this team make some progress.”

It’s not clear if Robinson will be able to play against the Titans this week. But based on his speedy recovery, it’s likely he’s on the field sooner than later.