Brian Robinson Jr.

Karl Racine, Washington’s D.C. Attorney General, announced on Wednesday that a “major announcement” would be made on Thursday regarding the Washington Commanders. The Commanders responded with a poorly received statement that referenced the presently unsolved carjacking and shooting of rookie running back, Brian Robinson Jr., as well as the city’s high crime rate, seemingly as a way to hurt Racine’s credibility.

Among the scores of people upset with Washington’s statement was Ryan Williams, Robinson’s agent.

Not long after the Commanders’ statement went public, Williams joined the long list of people speaking out against it. Williams did speak highly of some unspecified people in the organization. He also made it clear that he was not happy with the statement.

“Up until an hour ago, the Commanders handled the Brian Robinson situation with so much care, sincerity and class,” Williams tweeted. “And I was so grateful for all of it. Although I know that there are some great humans in that building, whoever is hiding behind this statement is not one of them.”

Williams’ response to the Commanders was met with a lot of praise.


Williams is right to be upset about this. Rather than claim their innocence, the Commanders are exploiting a near-tragedy, which has become one of the NFL’s comeback best stories this season. That comes off as nothing more than an attention-diverting device.

The fact that there are other — even more — significant crimes taking place in Washington doesn’t do anything to exonerate the football team. Using one of those crimes as part of an official statement only makes the Commanders look worse, particularly if it was done without the blessing of the victim.

[Ryan Williams on Twitter]

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