Brock Osweiler yells at teammates.

Passionate tirades on the sidelines to fire up teammates have worked pretty well for the likes of Tom Brady, but it’s harder to pull that off if you’re Denver Broncos’ quarterback Brock Osweiler. During Sunday’s game against the Washington Redskins, Osweiler went on quite the sideline rant following a Denver fumble. And his teammates didn’t pay any attention:

On the day, Osweiler completed 22 of 38 passes for 193 yards with no touchdowns and an interception, part of Denver’s 27-11 loss to the Redskins (who were 7-7 heading into this game). That dropped the Broncos to 5-10 on the year. And while that’s not all about Osweiler, who’s only started four games for them following a September trade from the Cleveland Browns, he hasn’t been great in his return to Denver this year. completing just 55.2 per cent of his passes for 895 yards with five touchdowns and four picks heading into this game. So it’s maybe a bit understandable why his teammates think he should remove the stick from his own eye before commenting on the mites in theirs. But hey, at least the Broncos aren’t paying him much:

At least Osweiler is still tall. And him yelling at people on the sidelines is better than him hitting people on the sidelines with passes.

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