No one gets in without a ticket. Apparently that’s the mantra of the NFL when it comes to the Super Bowl these days.

On Tuesday, Denver Broncos punter Britton Colquitt revealed he had to make an extra-special purchase for this Super Bowl 50 thing he’ll be a part of on Sunday night. That purchase is in the form of another $1,800 ticket for his newborn baby.

“There’s no age limit to tickets. It’s $1800 for our week-old daughter we just had. It’s kind of crazy,” Colquitt said. “You won’t remember, but I’m paying for it. It’s not about the money because with the tickets you end up kind of forfeiting your Super Bowl check. It’s about the medal I guess and the memories and putting your name in history forever.”

There’s no allowance for being with mommy in a private box or being held throughout the game. Literally, no one gets in without a ticket to what has become not only the biggest sporting event on the American calendar, but the biggest television event of the year around the world.

No player is allowed more than two free tickets to the big game per a CBS Sports report, meaning any extra ticket requests (up to 13) must be paid for out of pocket for the player. In fact, the two teams’ ticket allotments make up roughly 35 percent of the tickets sold for this game.

Oh, and the kicker (or is it punter in this case) of it all is that players will have to shell out face value for any and all other tickets they would like for this game. It could mean anywhere from $800 to apparently $1,800 for this contest on Sunday night.

Doing the math, that means between $10,000 and $23,400 must be forked over for tickets of family and friends who would like to attend to see their loved ones in the biggest game of their careers. For those on the losing end of the game, that could mean it would cost them nearly half of the $49,000 salary paid to every player on the roster (winners receive $97,000).

Needless to say, the harshest part of this policy appears to be no bend for a kid who can’t even walk, speak or do anything for themselves. Seriously NFL, you can’t make an exception for a newborn baby?

In the words of Tom Jackson — Come on Man.

[h/t Denver Post]

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