Nightclubs and Aqib Talib seem to have a tumultuous relationship at best. But, things were take to a much more serious level on Saturday night as the Denver Broncos cornerback was reportedly shot at a Dallas-area nightclub.

According to the report in the Dallas Morning News, Talib was at a Stemmons Corridor nightclub when a scuffle broke out and two people were shot as a result though Rebecca Lopez of WFAA in Dallas reported a third person was shot.

Those shot, including Talib, were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Police are currently looking for the shooter and others involved in the fight that led to the shooting.

Other reports indicate that Talib was shot in the leg, but no confirmation of that has been given by anyone involved in the case.

It isn’t the first or the second issue with Talib at nightclubs in the Dallas area either, as he made headlines just one year ago for an altercation at a Dallas nightclub called LUXX. He was involved in a fight at the club and when a security guard tried to break it up, shots were fired in to the air as the three men involved were finally escorted outside.

Guns also seem to be an issue for Talib, as his mother and he were charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon back in 2011 for allegedly shooting at his sister’s boyfriend. Charges were later dropped as prosecutors didn’t believe their chief witness would stand up to scrutiny at trial.

He was also arrested on charges of simply battery and resisting arrest without violence after he punched a taxi driver in St. Petersburg, Fla.

Lest you think it is just off the field, Talib also has a history within the NFL. He was suspended and fined last season after purposefully poking a player in the eye after a play against the Indianapolis Colts and also suspended for four games back in 2012 for use of Adderall without a prescription.

Needless to say, Talib has been living on the razor’s edge of his NFL career and his life in general for some time now.

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