An NFL insider said on Monday that the Broncos are still looking for a "big, big, big candidate" to be their next head coach.

Who will man the sidelines as head coach of the Denver Broncos when the 2023 season begins? According to one insider, if Denver has its way, it will be a well-known name.

Ian Rapoport of was on The KOA Sports Zoo on Monday, speaking about the Broncos coaching search. He said (per Zac Stevens, that “Denver does appear to be focused on a big, big, big candidate. So maybe that’s taken a little more time, regardless of the head start (they) had.”

So, what exactly does that mean?

There was a lot of interest in the latest report, even if nobody had a completely great sense of why the “big, big, big” candidate might be.

The two obvious candidates who fit that description are Sean Payton and Jim Harbaugh.

Reports emerged that Payton didn’t like the idea of working for the team’s new ownership, foreseeing a power struggle. Payton, though, refuted those claims.

Harbaugh has also been a mixed bag with reports. He said that he’s returning to Michigan. Denver, though, has talked with him subsequently. Additionally, Benjamin Allbright of KOA Colorado reported earlier on Monday that “Harbaugh was (and is) the top target for Denver.”

The big issue now is, what happens if Harbaugh and Payton both ultimately do shoot the Broncos down? Unless there’s another, completely unforeseen candidate emerging, promising a “big, big, big candidate” then hiring a coordinator or another former head coach would be giving that person an immediate hurdle he’d have to clear before coaching his first game.

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