As the New York Giants were struggling on Monday night, with wide receiver Brandon Marshall not having a good performance, Marshall was on the receiving end of a rash of criticism and insults on Twitter. So was the other Brandon Marhsall.

The Denver Broncos linebacker by the same name was the one on the receiving end of a good amount of that criticism. Fortunately he managed to have a sense of humor about it.

Here is one guy, Chip, looking as though he was confused by seeing tweets from Marshall tweeting during the game:

It turns out, Aktan later tweeted he was joking. Whether he admitted that after looking silly or was being honest is up for debate. But surely there is one soul out there who felt he was actually exchanging verbal jabs with the Giants receiver. Maybe Nate from New York would be the one?

This isn’t quite as good as Jon Lester politely pointing people to Lester Holt during last year’s presidential debate, but it’s still pretty solid.

If the Giants have a rough season as the first two weeks suggest they might, then we can probably expect more retorts from the Denver linebacker in the future.


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