Tuesday night, HBO aired a Real Sports segment discussing the Deshaun Watson case with two of his accusers. Given the importance of what the accusers have to say, you’d have to imagine people across the NFL would have a vested interest in what they had to say.

When asked by a reporter if he had seen the report, Cleveland Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski said he did not.

“I read about it. I would tell you we did a lot of work on that. As we’ve talked about, we’ve done a lot of work on Deshaun the person,” Stefanski said, per reporter Ben Axelrod.

The women involved in the interview voiced their opinions on Watson’s contract with the Browns calling it “disrespectful” and “sick.”

Although criminal charges were never filed against Watson, he is in the middle of a civil lawsuit brought on by his alleged victims and the NFL is also continuing its investigation into the case.

Many NFL experts expect Watson to face some kind of punishment from the league, the only question is how many games?

Some reports are that Watson was only going to miss three or four games to start the season, but with the interviews from the accusers out there after last night, it might be more.

So far, the NFL hasn’t tipped their hand either way when it comes to what they plan to do with Watson, but a decision about his future in the league is expected soon.

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