Cleveland Browns unveil Brock Osweiler hype video

Browns coach Hue Jackson announced Monday that Brock Osweiler will start Cleveland’s preseason opener against the Saints, leaving the franchise’s social media team in a conundrum. How do you hype up a not-so-young-anymore quarterback who failed so miserably at his last job that the Texans handed out a second-round draft pick just to be free of his absurd four-year, $72 million contract?

So the Browns were left with this hype video, captioned “For those about to Brock,” that amazingly featured tons of easy checkdowns and no irony or snark.

Osweiler was a huge bust last season, ending the season backing up Tom Savage. Jackson tried to stir up some hype earlier in the offseason by calling Osweiler “a pleasant surprise,” but no one really bought it.

After throwing more interceptions than touchdowns and completing fewer than 60 percent of his passes in Houston, Browns fans are understandably not thrilled that he’s their best option for the 2017 season. It didn’t take long for them to start roasting the video on Twitter.

For those about to Brock, we do indeed salute you. Anyone who can remain loyal to a team that starts Brock Osweiler deserves at least that much.

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