Bruce Arians

Don’t count on Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians to support in-game video use.

The NFL is allowing video use on the sidelines for one preseason game. The test will allow coaches to analyze plays as they happen and have a better visual understanding of what’s unfolding during a particular game.

Arians, who tested out sideline video in the Cardinals first preseason game, doesn’t like it at all.

“It helps bad coaches,” Arians told Arizona Central of the in-game video use.”

“Defensively, you spend a lot of hours and time on a blitz and a guy can sit there, watch it on tape, show it to his guys and fix it in the first quarter. That’s not what it’s all about.”

Arians also said officials wouldn’t like sideline video since coaches will be able to see referee’s mistakes.

I get it. Arians is an old-school coach. Transitioning to instant replay technology on the sidelines is a big adjustment. But, it’s a good adjustment, no? Coaches can use the technology to review challenge calls, plays, and look at what did and didn’t work. It’s a new advantage. As for the officials angles, if a referee makes a poor call, shouldn’t it be reviewed by coaches? Won’t that keep them more honest? There appears to be little disadvantages to using it other than an unwillingness to adapt.

The use of sideline video isn’t inevitable, as the NFL is just testing it out this preseason. Instead of fighting new ideas, Arians should embrace them, so when the time comes to make a change, he’s ready.

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