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It has been a rough two weeks for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, losing back-to-back matchups against the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Carolina Panthers. In both performances, their offense has looked flat. Now, offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich addressed some of the criticism coming his way for their struggles.

In an interview on Tuesday, Leftwich got brutally honest about their anemic offense, saying that they have to be much better as a unit on offense.

“People want to see points on the board. People want to see us do what we’ve done since we’ve been here,” said Leftwich. “You’re not beating anybody in this league scoring three points, right? Let’s just be honest — you’re not beating a soul, not a team in his league scoring three points. So, we know we have to be better as an offense as a whole.

“When you’re scoring three points, and you are who we are, it’s collectively a problem. It’s everywhere across the board. We’ve got to coach it better. We’ve got to play it better.”

Tampa Bay is currently tied for the fifth-worst offense in terms of points scored in all of football this season, which is shocking considering they were second in that statistic last year with 30.1 points per game.

They lost arguably the two easiest games on their schedule in consecutive weeks, and things will not get any easier as they prepare for a quick turnaround against the Baltimore Ravens on Thursday night.

Perhaps the only silver lining for the Buccaneers amidst these struggles is that they surprisingly still sit atop the NFC South with a 3-4 record on the year.

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