Aaron Judge Buccaneers game versus Saints

Before the New Orleans Saints and Tampa Bay Buccaneers kicked off their Week 13 Monday Night Football game, MLB free-agent outfielder Aaron Judge was seen on the sidelines.

Judge took the time to talk to Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady, chatting it up with the legendary quarterback in the tunnel as Brady was walking out.

There has been a ton of speculation as to where Judge will sign this offseason.

While the New York Yankees are obviously contenders to bring him back, there have been reports that suggest the San Francisco Giants are also real contenders to sign the veteran slugger.

This video of Judge’s appearance at the game has only led to even more speculation about Judge’s final decision, which could be coming within a matter of days.

While the Tampa Bay Rays are likely not a real contender to sign Judge, some jokingly added that this could mean that he has an interest in joining the Rays this offseason.

This is likely just Judge wanting to support Tom Brady and Mike Evans, but this could actually be a positive sign for the Yankees.

The Yankees Spring Training facility is notably right next door to the Buccaneers’ stadium, meaning that it is possible that Judge spent time at the facility earlier on Monday.

Regardless, it is certainly weird timing to be going to an NFL game considering MLB’s Winter Meetings are going on across the country, in San Diego.

Yankees general manager Brian Cashman said on Monday that he “has not been informed” about Judge potentially arriving in San Diego this week.

For the time being it seems like Aaron Judge is focused on enjoying some football on Monday night amidst all the speculation.


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