Bebe Rexha at the Detroit Lions and Buffalo Bills disastrous Thanksgiving halftime show.

The Buffalo Bills led the Detroit Lions, 17-10, at halftime of their Thanksgiving contest at Ford Field in Michigan. Unfortunately for fans, the game-day experience quickly went off the rails with the planned halftime performance by American pop star Bebe Rexha.

Viewers at home were treated to nauseating swirls of the cameras around Rexha’s visage.

“The CBS Thanksgiving Halftime Show, brought to you by Vertigo,” Awful Announcing joked.

The experience wasn’t much better for Lions fans in attendance, either. Organizers made the curious choice of putting Rexha on a faraway stage that most fans couldn’t see.

Those in attendance also made their voices heard.

“Fans booing the weird halftime performance where nobody knows where anybody is at or where the music is coming from,” tweeted Benjamin Raven.

And the rest of the NFL world was quick to join the dogpile.

“Did anyone else just get motion sickness from this halftime show or….??” asked Jena Harner.

This halftime show is very confusing,” another fan wrote.

Not everyone hated it, though.15

“Bebe Rexha did a good job I thought,” wrote one fan.

The Bills led the Lions, 19-14, midway through the third quarter.

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