Bloodstains from Zay Jones' arrest.

Zay Jones, the Buffalo Bills’ second-round draft pick in 2017, has been arrested for felony vandalism following a bizarre sequence of events that saw him running through his L.A. apartment building nude, trying to fight his brother Cayleb (a receiver for the Minnesota Vikings), putting his foot through a window (leaving blood everywhere), and apparently trying to jump out of a 30th-story window. This fight apparently happened Monday night, and TMZ posted video of it Tuesday evening. Here’s that video:

The video starts with Cayleb saying “Put your clothes on” and Zay repeatedly yelling “I want to fight for Jesus,” then walking past the camera fully nude (it’s blurred out) as Cayleb tries to tell him to stop. A woman’s voice is then heard, and Zay then comes back into view and starts trying to fight Cayleb. Zay then throws him to the side, runs down the hall, and a woman’s scream is heard; the video then cuts to the blood all over the hallway, with someone saying “It does look like a fucking murder scene”. A taped-off doorway is then shown, and then the numbers of police cars gathered outside. Here’s a photo TMZ obtained of the scene:

And here’s more info from their story:

According to witnesses, Cayleb was trying to stop him from jumping out a 30th floor window.

…Zay eventually broke free, and ran in the direction of Cayleb’s gf’s apartment … you can hear her screaming. We’re told at some point, he ran back out of the apartment, entered a public balcony area and smashed his foot through a window.

Photos from the scene show blood on the shattered window, and all over the floors and walls.

We’re told Zay actually tried to squeeze through the hole in the window, but Cayleb restrained him until police arrived, and arrested him for felony vandalism.

Law enforcement sources told TMZ Jones is being held in the medical ward of L.A. County jail, while the Bills told them they were “gathering more information on the matter” before commenting and the NFL hadn’t responded to them by press time.

The Bills picked Jones in the second round of last year’s draft, 37th overall. That came after an impressive four-year career at East Carolina, where he recorded 4,279 yards and 23 touchdowns overall, including 1,746 and eight in his senior season. He played in 15 games for Buffalo last year and recorded 27 catches for 316 yards and two touchdowns. We’ll see what all the fallout is here, but this situation certainly doesn’t look good for Jones, and it might cause some problems for his NFL career.


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