C.J. Stroud works out at Ohio State’s pro day. Syndication The Columbus Dispatch

It’s obvious that C.J. Stroud will go either No. 1 or close to it in this year’s NFL Draft.

However, stories are coming out about the star quarterback and most aren’t flattering, including a story about Stroud’s S2 Cognitive Test scores, which were released.

The test has become the chosen testing method for quarterbacks over the outdated Wonderlic test, which had been used for years.

While fellow quarterbacks Bryce Young, Will Levis, and Anthony Richardson scored pretty well on the test, Stroud placed near the bottom of the list, in the 18th percentile.

Now, it has been proven in the past, a lot of these tests don’t mean anything. Alabama quarterback Greg McElroy scored high on his Wonderlic test and was a Rhodes Scholar but didn’t last long in the NFL.

Stroud’s stock may be dropping because of all of these stories coming out and it may have started with Brady Quinn’s story about Stroud missing the Manning Academy, which may have may some questioning his character.

The story made many people furious with Quinn, who many feel is trying to sabotage Stroud before the draft.

Even some NFL experts wonder how far Stroud’s stock will drop because there is even talk that now the Houston Texans may not even take him as their No. 2 overall pick if rumors of Bryce Young going to the Carolina Panthers are true.

But nothing is set in stone and anything can happen between now and next Thursday night.

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