Shocking news broke on Monday when the NFL announced that it was suspending Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Calvin Ridley for the entire 2022-2023 season after discovering that he had placed bets on NFL games in November.

After the news broke, Ridley took to social media to tweet through it and let people know he doesn’t have a gambling problem, which probably only made things worse as it appears that he risked millions of dollars in NFL money for a couple of thousands of dollars in bets.

Details are emerging quickly about the specifics of Ridley’s bets and how the NFL discovered them.

NFL Network’s Mike Garofalo explained that the league discovered the bets through a tracking program that is part of their agreement with Genius Sports Group, which serves as their exclusive distributor of sports betting data to media companies and sports betting operators. Turns out, they spotted Ridley’s bets, which he placed on his phone, and reported it to the league.

“Integrity of the game is at the center of all the NFL’s legalized sports betting ventures, and Genius will support the NFL’s efforts through comprehensive integrity services to monitor betting across all NFL games (preseason, regular season, and postseason) and tentpole events,” read a press release from the initial partnership. “The NFL and its Clubs will also have access to Genius’ integrity education programs to ensure the continuation of the NFL’s high standard for integrity.”

Per The Athletic’s Lindsay Jones, Ridley used the Hard Rock Sportsbook app to make his bets.

As far as exactly what Ridley bet, it was a series of multi-legged parlay bets involving three, five, and eight NFL games that included one for the Falcons to beat the Jacksonville Jaguars. Per Adam Schefter, it was determined that Ridley had no insider information beyond his own as an NFL player.

Certainly more information to come on this story as it develops. The biggest takeaway is, of course, that NFL players know now that their online and app-based gambling exploits can and will be monitored by the league.

Also, if you’re gonna be this dumb, don’t be extra dumb.

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