On Monday, the NFL shocked fans by announcing that it was suspending Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Calvin Ridley for the entire 2022-2023 season because he placed bets on NFL games during last season. Also on Monday, Ridley decided to try and tweet through it, perhaps his worst crime of all.

It was announced that Ridley placed bets on NFL games during a five-day stretch in late November of last year while he was on the reserve non-football illness list. What was unknown in the press release was the amount of those bets. Turns out, Ridley just came out and said it in a tweet following the breaking news.

Not great, Calvin! Considering that Ridley has the chance to appeal the suspension and his reinstatement to the league in 2023 isn’t guaranteed, this is probably not the best strategy. We imagine these tweets are coming down due to orders from his agent very soon.

But in the meantime, there were tons of reactions to Ridley’s tweets and what it means that he was willing to risk millions of dollars in NFL money for a couple of thousands of dollars in bets.

Given how steeped in sports betting the NFL is from a sponsor and advertiser perspective, there’s a larger conversation to be had around the impact that has on the players. Not to mention how much high ground the NFL can really take when punishing others for involving themselves in gambling. Still, you can’t make bets on games when you’re playing in them. You just can’t.

Or at least, don’t be dumb enough to get caught…

And for god’s sake, stop tweeting!

[Calvin Ridley]

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