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Over the past several years, New Orleans Saints Cam Jordan has earned his status as one of the best defensive ends in the league and he will likely have his jersey lifted into the rafters for the Saints when he ultimately decides to retire. So when he criticizes the league or the media, it’s worth listening.

This week, Cam Jordan had a pretty blunt and brutal message for the way the league and the media seems to have shifted all the focus of a defensive and or edge player to their pass-rushing ability, pointing out that there is a lot more that goes into playing defensive end than simply rushing the passer.

Jordan sent his message in response to a tweet ranking the top pass rushers in the NFL.

“Wonder if they have a complete True Defensive END ranking. why is it edge rushers are taking away from true ends encompassed by the term edge? how many know what Stop the Run means me, B Graham, Nick, Arik Armstead, D-Law 1st-4th downs not just the Pass,” Jordan said.

Jordan certainly has a point, and it certainly is true that the NFL has placed a lot of focus on a defensive end’s ability to rush the passer.

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