It took a while for Cam Newton to find a new NFL home this season. Once he did, it did not take him very long to score a touchdown.

Newton, on his very first snap during his second stint with the Carolina Panthers, rolled right on a 2nd & goal situation to score a touchdown and, quite literally, let the NFL know he was back.

“I’m baaaaack,” exclaimed Newton.

Not only did it put the Panthers up 7-0 on the Arizona Cardinals, but the touchdown also bumped the 2015 NFL MVP up the Panthers’ list of most scrimmage touchdowns in franchise history.

Newton’s return to the NFL was marked by an exciting score and followed by the kind of big personality celebration that we’ve come to expect from him. It was certainly the kind of moment that NFL fans took notice of, especially in the face of the league’s recent crackdown on what it considers taunting or excessive celebrations. And for the record, Cam was called for unsportsmanlike conduct on the score.

We’ll see how much more action Newton gets on the day as PJ Walker remains the starter for the time being. However, all signs point to Newton taking the helm at some point. And clearly, Matt Rhule and Carolina are ready to put No. 1 back out on the field to see what else he can do. He is back, after all.

UPDATE: Newton followed that up by throwing for another touchdown. He’s back-back now.

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