It never fails. Any time a team starts making a run, everybody wants to find a way to cash in on the success of the team. That has led to countless of music videos over the years from fans who either should not be singing, or should keep their tribute songs to themselves. Maybe with the hopes of going viral for all the wrong reasons, one Carolina Panthers fan has given us “Panther Nation.”

“Panther Nation” addresses a number of headlines surrounding the NFC Champions, like Cam Newton inspiring letters to the editors of North Carolina newspapers, people for whatever reason being offended by Newton’s celebrations and a whole lot more. And yes, there is dabbing, because why not?

The effort below comes from aspiring actress Lang Maddox. We’ll refrain from giving our review on this anthem and hope that a single viewing of it will not infiltrate our memory because we’re still recovering from Rebecca Black’s “Friday” which is probably the closest thing to this song.

Well, it’s not the worst we have ever seen. Georgia Bulldogs fans still might have the edge in this category…

Maybe we should just stop having fans make their own music videos.

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