Cowboys star CeeDee Lamb celebrating after a touchdown in Week 10 against the Giants. Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

One of the most controversial rules in football came into play once again during Thursday night’s game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Detroit Lions when Cowboys receiver CeeDee Lamb fumbled the ball through the end zone, giving the ball back to Detroit with a touchback. But even though this call went against him, Lamb does not think the rule should be changed.

During his postgame interview session, CeeDee Lamb made it clear that he thinks the NFL should just keep the rule the way that it is and that he just needs to find a way to hold onto the ball in those situations.

“Nah, they need to leave it as that,” Lamb said after the game according to Pro Football Talk. “At that point, you need to hold onto the ball if you really want to score. Obviously, for myself, I need to do the same thing. Finishing the play, finishing the drive for the team. I mean, that’s what we’ve got to do. Physicality on the boundary.”

The rule is wildly unpopular among NFL fans with many even dubbing it as the worst rule in football, but it’s clear that Lamb doesn’t see anything wrong with the rule even if it went against him and his team this time.

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