The NFL is undoubtedly the best pro football sports league on the planet. It boasts the best players, and the best plays.

But you don’t see accidents like this one happen in the NFL.

During Thursday’s CFL game between the Blue Bombers and Tiger-Cats, Winnipeg wideout Ryan Smith caught a no-look touchdown pass. But he had no idea it was coming.

Talk about putting a pass right on the money. The pass could not have been placed in a better spot. Smith was still running his route, and just as he began to look for the ball, it already nestled between his arm and waist.

The quarterback on the play, Drew Willy might need to get some looks from the NFL if he’s able to keep up an unmatched accuracy such as that.

But, accidents happen.

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Harry Lyles Jr. is an Atlanta-based writer, and a Georgia State University graduate.