The NFL’s 32 teams each get roughly $4 million to give to its players as performance-based bonuses. Generally, underpaid players who see plenty of action get larger bonuses.

For instance, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott a cool $353,000 bonus and underrated Atlanta Falcons cornerback Brian Poole picked up $371,000.

There’s a middle ground, too – guys who do play a lot and are paid fair market value get more middling bonuses. Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan got seven grand. New York Jets corner Darrell Revis got eight grand.

And then…there’s the other side of the coin. Players who do make a lot of money but don’t play often get minimal bonuses. Backup quarterbacks really got shafted when their team’s respective starter remained on the field. For instance, AJ McCarron got $656. That’s 656 dollars – no commas. That wouldn’t even cover one month of rent at a decent Cincinnati apartment.

But the most ridiculous bonus belongs to Jacksonville Jaguars backup Chad Henne. He appeared in one game for the Jaguars – November 20th against the Lions. He took a knee to end the first half. His performance bonus? A whopping $35.28. That’s dinner for two at a casual restaurant!

On the bright side for Henne, he didn’t really need the bonus – he got a $250,000 signing bonus with his contract, and made $4.5 million in salary for the season.


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