Chad Kelly

Former Denver Broncos quarterback Chad Kelly has a suggestion for who can solve the franchise’s quarterback woes…Chad Kelly!

The former Ole Miss star, who served as a backup quarterback for the Grey Cup champion Toronto Argonauts this past season, responded to a Twitter question about who people would like to see as the Broncos quarterback: Russell Wilson, Bretty Rypien, or Baker Mayfield. Kelly decided to offer up a fourth choice.

“Chad,” said Chad.

“I’m ready big dawg,” Kelly said in response to another tweet about the miserable Broncos situation.

It’s not surprising that Kelly would suggest he was the best choice to be Denver’s starter. He recently said that he thinks he’s better than 50% of the current starters in the NFL despite the fact that he hasn’t played a snap in the league in years and wasn’t even a starter in the CFL.

Kelly, who initially played for Clemson before being dismissed from the team, spent a year at East Mississippi Community College before reemerging at Ole Miss and performing well enough (aside from plenty of drama) to become Mr. Irrelavant in the 2017 NFL Draft when the Broncos selected him with the very last pick. He spent two seasons with the team but was released following his arrest on suspicion of first-degree criminal trespassing in 2018. He resurfaced with the Indianapolis Colts but never saw the field in his two seasons with them. He spent 2022 with the Argos in the CFL, appearing in 18 games and starting one.

The Broncos will have a new head coach in 2023, so we’ll see if there’s a spot on the training camp roster for Chad. He certainly thinks there should be.

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