Breaking up is hard to do, and for American (and Canadian – sorry, Expos fans) sports fans there is nothing harder than when the team you’ve invested money, time, blood, sweat, and tears in leaves for greener pastures. So it is easy to empathize with what many San Diego Chargers fans are feeling today.

As was expected, the team announced it would be moving to Los Angeles after the residents of San Diego continued to reject paying for a stadium for the Chargers to call home. Some fans have reacted with your typical angry tweets, but others have taken much more dramatic actions – most of which have been caught on Twitter.

No fan took it further than this one guy who was caught on tape literally egging the Chargers team facility in the city.

Meanwhile, up in Los Angeles, the Chargers were busy clearly ripping off the logo of Los Angeles Dodgers. Never mind the irony of a team moving biting the logo of a team who arguably made the whole moving to a different location thing cool.

That “new” Chargers logo may have some legal trouble ahead to say the least, and it has caused some in the sports world to take notice and poke fun. Even the Tampa Bay Lightning got in on the logo controversy, noting they are “good friends” with the Dodgers.

Oh, and the Dallas Stars are now in with their new logo re-design:

Beautifully done…where ever have we seen that one before though….oh wait, hello Dallas Cowboys. I see what you’re doing there Stars Social Media folks, I see you.

A pair of minor league baseball teams, the Montgomery Biscuits and Toledo Mud Hens, also got their licks in.

You know you’ve lost the plot when NHL and minor league baseball teams are roasting you hard on Twitter. Apparently, no one with the Chargers remembers the debacle that was the Las Vegas Golden Knights logo.

But there is way more to the story than the horrific logo decision by Dean Spanos and the people who got paid a ton of money to bite someone else’s creation. The real story is the city of San Diego and the fans who gave 56 years to the franchise, but were just not buying the subsidizing of a stadium that netted them literally nothing in return.

Outside of the egging of the team facility (and congrats on your likely arrest too there, buddy), there’s been the bitter burning of Chargers jerseys and the like.

Some have expressed their extreme dislike for the Spanos family, while also expressing exactly what the team meant to them and their families for the past 56 years.

There’s even been a pile of jerseys and other useless team memorabilia being thrown together in a symbolic gesture out in front of the Chargers’ old team headquarters in San Diego.

Some are even so angry as to dump their LaDainian Tomlinson jerseys on the ground.

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