There is nothing more honorable than a man who pays off his bets. Charlie Rose showed himself to be a man of honor Tuesday morning, following through on a wager with co-host Gayle King on CBS This Morning.

The bet in question concerned the pants with which Cam Newton caused a sensation on Sunday, sporting a pair of $850 Versace pants as the Carolina Panthers arrived in San Jose, Calif. for Super Bowl 50. We’re doubting you missed those pants, since you’re a person who reads stuff on the Internet and presumably follows social media. But just in case, here are those glorious pants.

 (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel)
(AP Photo/Charlie Riedel)

So Rose said he would wear those Versace pants on the air if King could find a pair. King gladly accepted the challenge and made Rose pay up on Tuesday morning. Rose is a renowned journalist and broadcaster who has interviewed sitting presidents, world leaders, visionary physicians and inventors, along with a variety of reporters and celebrities, but a bet is a bet. So he walked into the studio and before the CBS cameras wearing some glorious pants of his own.

Some will point out that those aren’t the exact same pants Newton was sporting on the tarmac Sunday. (Apparently, they’re no longer available.) But those are still $850 Versace pants. Should it really have been doubted that King could pull the right strings (i.e., contacting Donatella Versace) to make Rose pay his bet?

Rose’s choice of shoes to go with the pants should probably be called into question, but maybe the bad choice of footwear makes the entire scenario even more embarrassing for him. And to be fair, Rose probably didn’t know what the pants looked like or if King could find a pair so maybe he didn’t have appropriate shoes on hand. Still, he’s Charlie Rose and is in New York City. Couldn’t he or someone in the CBS This Morning wardrobe department have helped him out? Maybe it was too early in the morning to get the right footwear.

The better bet would have been to make Rose wear those pants on his late-night interview show. He usually sits at a table, so perhaps the pants wouldn’t have been visible. But trying to seriously discuss the results of the Iowa Caucuses, for example, while wearing flashy Versace pants would have been a fine television moment in Rose’s career.

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