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Chauncey Gardner-Johnson caused quite a stir online after the former Philadelphia Eagles star made an outrageous claim about the Super Bowl.

Gardner-Johnson, now on the Detroit Lions, took to Twitter, and despite its rate limits, fans weren’t exactly thrilled with the defensive back’s theory. Why did the Eagles lose? According to the veteran, because of the turf.

“Run that bowl back on legit grass, the Dline SMASH that Oline I’m sorry,” Gardner-Johnson tweeted.

Super Bowl LVII, famously five months ago, concluded with the Kansas City Chiefs defeating the Eagles, 38-35. The Eagles held a halftime lead but conceded it to the Chiefs, who had to deal with those same turf conditions. Kansas City scored 24 second-half points to Philadelphia’s 11, which ultimately turned the tide in the game. Despite a furious effort by Jalen Hurts, Gardner-Johnson and the Eagles went down to Patrick Mahomes, Andy Reid, and the Chiefs in the end. The field was certainly in poor condition, but it’s difficult to think it had that much adverse effect. Especially considering how the game amounted.

Suffice it to say, Gardner-Johnson didn’t make many friends with his claim. Quite the opposite, in fact. While he isn’t over the Eagles’ Super Bowl loss, it seems like plenty were ready to shout his outrageous and ridiculous claim down. Some a bit more freely than others.

That included a former Chief, no less!

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