Titans Broncos cheap shot

A cheap shot during Sunday’s Tennessee Titans-Denver Broncos game spawned heated tempers and a melee between the teams.

Titans’ reciever Harry Douglas went low on Broncos’ defensive back Chris Harris Jr. far away from the play itself. It looked terrible,  and Harris Jr. was writhing around on the field for a while in serious pain.

Harris’ teammates didn’t take kindly to this cheap-looking hit. Denver defensive back Aqib Talib particularly stuck up for his teammate, going after Douglas and winding up in the middle of a lot of flying punches.


The brawl might have been enhanced by the Titans being up 10-0 when this happened. Tempers tend to be unchecked when a team is losing. There also was a lot on the line for both sides, as both the 8-4 Broncos and 6-6 Titans were desperate for a win to try and maintain their slim playoff hopes.

Regardless of intention, this was one of the most egregious cheap shots you’ll see during play. It also led to a lot of bad feelings between the sides, and may create further clashes as the game progresses. We might even get a brouhaha or a donnybrook.

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