Chiefs Bengals referee controversy

The fourth quarter of Sunday’s AFC Championship Game between the Cincinnati Bengals and Kansas City Chiefs included a bizarre sequence that controversially and clearly benefited Kansas City.

The Bengals appeared to stop the Chiefs on a third down. But after some conferencing, it seemed like Kansas City would go for a fourth-and-long in a tie game from deep in their own territory. It didn’t make a lot of sense. And as it turned out, that’s not what the Chiefs were doing.

It was later revealed that the third down stop effectively never happened, as the play was whistled dead by the officials.

Cincinnati’s frustration only grew from there. It initially seemed as though the Bengals would benefit from the flub, as they sacked Patrick Mahomes on the replay. Only, that, too was for naught when Eli Apple was flagged for a defensive holding.

Kansas City ultimately had to punt on the drive anyway, but not before flipping the field position.

The NFL world was naturally a little miffed about the whole exchange.

How much the exchange helped the Chiefs in the end is debatable. Getting to flip the field position battle in the fourth quarter of a tie game certainly didn’t hurt in Kansas City’s last second victory.

Regardless of that, the poor communication with the officials and the bizarre way the play unfolded is not a good a good look for the NFL.

[Photo Credit: CBS]

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