Listed at 6-3, 346 lbs, Kansas City Chiefs nose tackle Dontari Poe is a very large man. So when he lined up in the backfield in the closing moments of Christmas night’s Chiefs-Broncos game, fans were bracing for a hellacious block or maybe a Refrigerator Perry-esque run to pay dirt. However, what the Chiefs actually called was even better than that. Folks, we got a FAT GUY JUMP TOUCHDOWN PASS.

Unless you are a Broncos fan (and maybe even if you are), that is about the most beautiful sight you will ever see on a football field. Let’s watch it again, shall we?

With that gorgeous, arcing strike, Poe is officially the heaviest man to ever throw a touchdown pass in NFL history. He weighs 80 pounds more than the previous record holder, JaMarcus Russell.

Although the game was well in hand at this point, this touchdown was the closing note of the Broncos’ season. This loss officially knocked them from playoff contention, and there will be a new NFL champion in 2017.

The sheer level of disrespect is off the charts for this one. When you add in the situational factors (division rivals, closing moments of a blowout, season-ending loss), it is tough to imagine a more disdainful play in all of football.

As for the Broncos, all I can say is: sometimes, life comes at ya fast.

Before you go, here are a couple more Poe facts for the road.

Alright, one last thing. Lets watch it all again, this time in reverse.

The play may have immediately made you think of the jump passes Tim Tebow used to throw at Florida, like this one:

Well, Andy Reid says the Poe pass is called “Bloated Tebow Pass”:

Merry Christmas, everyone. I hope your holiday was as glorious as this touchdown.

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