Chances are, you don’t like the Dallas Cowboys. Sure, there are plenty of Cowboys fans out there, but if you’re not a fan, you are almost certainly rooting against them. It’s rare to find any kind of middle ground when it comes to this NFL institution.

Maybe it’s the whole “America’s Team” thing. Maybe it’s Jerry Jones, who embodies everything people dislike about rich team owners. Maybe because it seems like they come into every season with people claiming they’re going to win the Super Bowl that everyone’s just tired of hearing about it.

Whatever it is, people sure did take a lot of pleasure in watching the Seattle Seahawks eliminate the Cowboys from playoff contention on Sunday. The sight of Sad Jerry Jones realizing that his billion-dollar franchise would miss out on the NFC Championship for the 22nd-straight year filled a lot of people with Christmas cheer.

So when Ciara, wife of Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, took it upon herself to moonwalk across the Cowboys’ logo following the game, it set off all sorts of smarmy celebrations across the internet.

It’s no “Baker Mayfield planting the flag at OSU,” but Ciara certainly made sure that the next time the Seahawks and Cowboys get together, it’s going to have a little extra sauce. We don’t know when that game will happen, but the one thing we know for sure is that it won’t take place in the playoffs.


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